Gel Concentrates


Gel Concentrates


EverCold gel concentrate is a high performance gel refrigerant compound that is specifically designed for in house assembly of gel refrigerant packs.

• Superior Thermal Properties:  Lasts three times longer than water ice.

• Reusable:  Packs can be re-used if not punctured or torn.

• Save Transportation Costs:  1 lb. gel concentrate = 150 lbs. pre-packaged gel.

• Save Money:  1 oz. gel concentrate per gallon of water = approximately 6 cents per lb. finished gel.

• U.S.D.A. approved for indirect food contact


To make a firm gel, the mixing ratio of gel concentrate to fresh water is as follows:

• 16 oz water to 2 grams P-600
• 24 oz water to 3 grams P-600
• 32 oz water to 4 grams P-600
• 48 oz water to 6 grams P-600

One 50 lb. box will produce approximately 8000 gel packs.
One 2000 lb. super sack will produce approximately 250,000 24oz gel packs.

Please call for pricing.