Gel Ice Refrigerants


gel ice refrigerants

Listed below is our grades of gel ice refrigerants:


Cold Ice – Premium, reusable, leak-proof, semi-solid, food-grade, non-toxic, biodegradable refrigerants.


EverCold Gel – Standard, non-toxic, semi-liquid refrigerant for one-way and high volume shipping.


EverCold Foam -Rigid foam refrigerant. Uniformly shaped to give a tight consistent fit for square and rectangular shipping containers.


EverCold Flexible Ice Blanket – Shipped in a dehydrated state which reduces incoming freight cost, cut cells through the sealed seam to desired size, soak in fresh water, place in freezer with fabric side up. Non-toxic gel.


TheraFlex – Hot and Cold Therapy Packs – For both hot and cold therapeutic relief. For health care and sports medicine applications.