Theraflex – Hot/Cold Therapy Packs

hold/cold therapy packs

TheraFlex Hot and Cold Therapy Packs


Use TheraFlex for both HOT and COLD therapeutic relief. Hot or cold, dual purpose TheraFlex maintains an even temperature over the entire pad. TheraFlex is the highest quality hot and cold therapy pack available. It is leak-proof and contains no liquids or dyes. It is biodegradable, non-caustic, and contains only FDA rated food grade ingredients. And, because it is reusable, TheraFlex saves you money, too.

TheraFlex HOT Therapy – Microwave or heat in water

Gel construction keeps its pad like shape even at high temperatures
Gel pad will not liquefy when heated, making TheraFlex ideal for compression wraps
Gel contents will not leak if pack is punctured or torn


TheraFlex Cold Therapy – Stays flexible when frozen

Bends to fit and maintains thickness no matter how severe the bend

Gel contents will not leak if pack is punctured or torn


99-50 Small 4 x 6 2411
99-100 Cervical 4 x 11 129.5
99-150 Standard 5 x 10 1210.5
99-200 Universal 6 x 8 1211.5
99-250 Lg Universal 6 x 12 811.5
99-300 Large 8 x 11610
99-400 X-Large 12 x 15 311