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WarmMark™ Time Temperature Indicators


Certain temperature sensitive products must always be kept cool. WarmMark Time-Temperature Indicators monitor your products during storage and shipment. These indicators give you an accurate, non-reversible record of heat exposure with the passage of time.

WarmMark works very simply, if the window in the indicator stays white, there is no problem. However if the temperature climbs beyond a certain threshold, a red color gradually moves through the windows of the WarmMark indicator with the passage of time. If the temperature drops down below the threshold, the color stops moving. This way you can estimate how long your product was exposed above the threshold temperature.

WarmMark comes in a variety of response temperatures and run-out times, so each order comes with its own time-temperature chart. This will help you analyze the heat exposure result shown by the red coloration on your WarmMark Indicators.

WarmMark™ Short-Run Indicators are available in these levels:
Product Number Response Temperature Run-Out Time*
A-WM0F -18C / 0F 12 hours
A-WM32F 0C / 32F 48 hours
A-WM41F 5C / 41F 8 hours
A-WM46F 8C / 46F 48 hours
A-WM50F 10C / 50 F 48 hours
A-WM68F 20C / 68F 48 hours
A-WM77F 25C / 77F 8 hours
A-WM86F 30C / 86F 8 hours
A-WM99F 37C / 99F 8 hours

* Time required for all three windows to color red when the indicator is exposed to a constant temperature of 2C above the response temp. The higher the exposure temp. above the response temp, the faster the run-out time.


  • All orders must be in multiples of 100 units.
  • Minimum order is 100 units.
  • Call for Prices
Specifications for all Models of WarmMark
+/- 1C
100 WarmMark per bag
Room temp. or cold storage
Shelf Life:
Two years from date of manufacture
Monitoring temp. of drug and medical products, vaccines, blood / plasma, diagnostics, gelatin capsule products, chemicals, chocolate candy, frozen / refrigerated food products