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EverCold® Ice Blanket


The EverCold Ice Blanket is a revolutionary new product from Cold Ice. This product provides superior refrigerated temperature control for shipping your perishable products.


The EverCold Ice Blanket solves the problem of the expensive inbound freight costs of pre-made gel packs. Our ice blankets are shipped dry, in lightweight rolls 18-18 5/8 inches wide by 300 feet long. When soaked in fresh water this roll will yield the equivalent of 850 to 1785 lbs of finished gel ice packs, (depending on cell size).


The cells contain small pockets of dry super-absorbent material. These pockets are quilted between one water-permeable sheet and one water-impermeable sheet. To use, simply cut the sheet, between the cells to the size you want, soak in water for approximately 1 to 3 minutes, drip dry and freeze overnight.


Unlike gel packs and dry ice, the blanket is flexible when frozen. One can wrap it around your products to maintain overnight consistent temperatures profile throughout your shipping container.

Features and Benefits:

  • Maintains uniform temperature over product

  • Reduces Spoilage (leaks/spills)

  • Adds Insulation values

  • Preserves appearance, shelf life

  • Maintains refrigerated temperatures (2-8° C)

  • Preserves product quality

  • Non-Toxic

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