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Kangaroo Mailers

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Kangaroo Mailers

• Self-expanding Foam Insulated Envelope.
• Provides highly efficient thermal and crush protection for temperature sensitive products.
• Fast and easy to use. Simply load the mailer with frozen gel ice packs, seal and close with the attached adhesive strip, pierce to inflate, and ship!
• Suitable for many industries including biotech, medical and food.
• The compressed memory foam inflates to cocoon your items in a form fitting cushion of protection.
• As the foam inflates, air space is squeezed out allowing gel ice packs to efficiently cool a small area, mitigating convection heat-loss.
• Cuts shipping costs
• A greener alternative. They reduce material usage and recycle into carpet pad.

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Free Shipping and handling within the United States.

Does not include accessorial service fees. Prices are subject to change without notice. 

Note: Lead time 2-3 business days. Pallet Order(s) 2-3 weeks

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