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Cold Ice, Inc. offers a full line of thermal packaging.


Our insulated shipping containers are C.F.C free and designed to meet the highest industry standards for strength, durability, and temperature control. Built using the highest grade urethane or expanded polystyrene (E.P.S.), Cold Ice, Inc. has the container for shipping and protecting any temperature sensitive products.

EverTemp™ Containers Molded urethane is CFC-free, designed with a layer of high performance urethane foam injected between layers of corrugated fiberboard, or a modular removable tub style. This model can be separated for recycling and re-use.

Urethane offers twice the “R” value per inch compared to E.P.S. foam, requiring less refrigerant. EverTemp also features a flexible foam plug that cushions and protects the product and allows venting of dry ice.

ThermaFoil Flexible radiant air cell insulation.  With a unique combination of insulating characteristics, Thermafoil utilizes trapped air cells as its primary insulating source.  The air cells act to resist conductive heat flow (R-value).  Reflective foil layers add additional insulating values by reflecting radiant heat.  Thermafoil resists tearing and cracking and is both flexible and reusable.

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