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Our Premium Grade of Refrigerant – Cold Ice Gel Packs


For critical shipping, Cold Ice offers specially developed non- toxic, food grade gel refrigerants that will not liquefy, leak or spill to contaminate your product. The Cold Ice gel is comprised of organic, FDA-G.R.A.S. listed, biodegradable, Non-GMO, plant-based ingredients and is completely non-toxic, colorless and odorless. These features make Cold Ice the standard for sustainable cold chain shipping practices.


These gel packs are available in 14 sizes from 2 oz to 48 oz, and in 3 temperature ranges, +30° F, for refrigerated temperatures, +10° F for frozen temperatures and -10° F, which replaces dry ice, in most applications.


All Cold Ice gel packs are packaged in tough durable recyclable polyethylene wrappers with heat welded seams to ensure maximum resistance to punctures, tears and splitting. Also, all our product labeling is printed with ecologically safe, water-based inks.

If your product requires a specially developed refrigerant with specific freeze points, viscosities or dimensions, Please contact us. Our experienced development team can provide the formulation you need plus help you design the shipping system most suited for your product.

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